Welcome to Webdut

The word Webdut is join of the english word web and the hindi word dut. web stands for the internet and the dut means messanger. This gives the meaning of webdut as the messanger of the internet.

Webdut aims to create web-applications according to the need of the people. Under education, we create study materials in the field of science and technology. We provide a platform for any one to create mock tests and quizzes that they can share with friends and family. Any one can practice and learn english at our website.

Under healthcare, we have build a platform for doctors to manage their prescriptions and clinics to manage their patients. Medical stores can manage their inventory, invoices and expiry dates of their medicines.

We provide it solutions to marine industry based on their needs. Digital art can be uploaded and sold at our platform. We have application to preview how the art will appear on the wall of the office or room. We also have application similar to google keep for note taking.

This is just the begining of our journey. Parennial improvement is our way of work.